Kurogo User Conference.

Kurogo HigherEd User Conference

2015 Kurogo User Conference is being hosted by the University of Notre Dame on their beautiful campus in South Bend, IN.

The Conference will start on Monday, April 27, 2015 and will end early afternoon on April 28th. There will be a welcome dinner and reception on Sunday, April 26th.

Event Details

Date: Monday, April 27 - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Location: University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
Agenda and Schedule: Final version is available here.

Over 40 universities are attending this year’s conference to share their experiences in how mobile apps are transforming their university. The conference will feature presenters from the University of Notre Dame, Pasco Hernando State College, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Indiana State University, Del Mar College, University of Alberta, Tufts University, New York University, Georgetown University, University of Arizona, among others.

Registration is now closed.

To see the conference information from last year, please visit the 2014 Conference page.

For more information

To learn more about the conference, please contact info@modolabs.com.

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Special Thanks To:


  • The University of Notre Dame



  • Matt Wilmore (The University of Notre Dame)
  • Amy Williams (The University of Notre Dame)
  • Yuki Nagatoshi (Modo Labs, Inc.)
  • Beth Pfefferle (Modo Labs, Inc.)
  • Andrew Yu (Modo Labs, Inc.)

Presenters and Panelists

  • Ron Kraemer (The University of Notre Dame)
  • Melissa Harts (Pasco-Hernando State College)
  • August Alfonso (Del Mar College)
  • Susan Kellogg (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
  • Santhana Naidu (Indiana State University)
  • Ted Erickson (University of Alberta)
  • Ann Malavet (New York University)
  • Bill Sivret (Tufts University)
  • Marty Johnson (Georgetown University)
  • Brett Bendickson (University of Arizona)
  • Pete Akins (Modo Labs)
  • Wil Hall (Modo Labs)
  • Matt Willmore (University of Notre Dame)
  • Student Developers from University of Notre Dame and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Stewart Elliot
  • Andrew Yu (Modo Labs, Inc.)
  • Eric Kim (Modo Labs, Inc.)
  • Marshall Vale (Modo Labs, Inc.)
  • Beth Pfefferle