The Open-Source Advantage

Prevent Lock-in

Having access to the source code and documentation means having as much time as you need to evaluate the software before making a commitment. Kurogo also integrates well with other open source platforms (such as Drupal) and encourages the use of data sources that conform to open standards (such as RSS, ICS, KML, etc.). This means you can integrate the same data sources with Kurogo that you use with other applications and vice versa.

If at any time you find a better alternative to Kurogo, you still have all the data sources, assets, and configuration information you need to set up a new site. We hope you will stay with Kurogo, but we believe our users' freedom to choose more suitable tools when the need arises is key to us keeping up the quality of Kurogo.

Community Contributions

Kurogo's source code is available for all to see and improve. Using features provided by the excellent GitHub source code management system, contributors can check out the code, make improvements and request those changes be part of Kurogo. These changes benefit all users and developers of Kurogo by utilizing the collective talents and efforts of the community. Kurogo is released under the popular GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) license.

Eyes on the Code

Open source means you know what’s executing on your server. Every line of code and function is in view. You don’t have to worry about unknown code manipulating your system or compromising your security. Because the source code is viewable, flaws and vulnerabilities are seen by more people and have a greater chance of being discovered.

Scalable Ownership

Even with all the source code available, you sometimes need a partner. Some organizations don't have the resources to setup, configure and deploy a web application on their own. Modo Labs is here to help you in any way you need. This includes initial setup and configuration, developer training, and technical support, even hosting. As time goes on you may find that you discover that you don't need support or hosting. That's just fine. You have complete control over your entire Kurogo code and can take your site with you if you want to supply your own hosting. With open source, you are in control.

“Kurogo instantly delivers a world-class mobile development platform to everyone, free of charge. By offering Kurogo as an open source project, it continues to grow through contributions from the brightest minds in mobile development in both academic and corporate environments. Kurogo will continue to drive innovations in mobility as developers work to collaboratively enhance the codebase.“

Andrew Yu
CEO, Modo Labs